Friday, March 2, 2012

Magnolia Stamp “system”

Hi,  I’m sharing this with a couple of people who have asked how I organize my sweet, precious Magnolia Stamps.  I haven’t got as many stamps as some people, but do like to keep them close at hand and portable.  I can easily find the page(s) of stamps that I want to transport and put them in another Gina K Binder to carry along with me when I go to our Lake property.
So, here goes.These are the Spines of my Gina K Binders.  Each Binder will hold approximately 28 - 30 Magnolia Stamps.  I have my own abbreviations for the collections I have.  Sweet Crazy Love / SCS;  ASS / Accessories Spring & Summer; WTA YASP / Winner Takes All / You Are So Special
These are the Spines of my Gina K Binders/Boxes. Each Binder will hold approx. 28-30 Magnolias.  I have my own abbreviations for the Collections.  ie:  SCL – Sweet Crazy Love; ASS – Accessories Spring & Summer; WTA / YASP – Winner Takes All / You Are So Special, etc. etc.

 I have an Index on the front of the Binder and it is double sided to show on inside of Front Below is the Outside Front and Inside Front which is a double-sided index.  8 1/2” x 11 folded in half. Inside FrontThe pages are arranged in newest stamp(s).  I have laminated both sides of the pages (Just because I like to keep the pages clean).

I love the way the stamps stick to the laminated sheets without me having to worry about them falling out of the Binder / Box.  You can see that I have made two image sheets exactly identical – one to hold the stamps and one to identify the stamp at a glance. Both sides are laminated because I like to keep them clean of any ink residue. 

This is my Cheat Sheet of all my stamps  (four pages)
Last but not least is an alphabetical index of all my Maggies, showing me what Binder (and page) each stamp is in.

I have to admit I’m a bit of an organizational freak (being an x-office manager made me this way + being a Virgo does not help.
This is how I started organizing my collection, which I find works for me.  I love the packaging on the Maggies, but cannot be bothered going into the little envelope to retrieve the stamp.  Each and every one of us organizes in a different way to suit our needs.
Hope this gives some of you out there an idea or two.
~ Rubber hugz, inky wishes ~


Junebugpins said...

Thank you so much for sharing Madge! I really do like your system...very neat and organized~
I must sorting through my Maggies in the packaging does slow me down...
I think I'm going to try this now that I am collecting so many Maggies and I just love them!
I love the index sheet and also how you laminated the sheets twice! Very smart....I see that Gina K has a 4 pk of sheets.
You are so sweet to share a photo with us! ((hugs))

koala said...

OMG --------------- (@o@)/"""(^o^)/"
You're such a great organized creator --- !!! I love your way !!!
I just do not have many maggie stamps yet. When I got many maggie stamps I would like to do that.
Thank you for sharing !!! (^o^)/"""

Diana Crick said...

Oh my goodness Madge I need you to come and stay at my house for a few days and get me organized. My craft room has been hit by 3 successive hurricanes, only kidding but it sure looks that Brilliant system!
hugs, Diana