Monday, February 22, 2010

Mojo Monday Sketch 127

Here we are for another week of Mojo Monday and a choice of round or square.

I've done one card because I happened to put my hand into a pile of scrap papers and chose to work around it.  While looking for brads, I came across some red maple leafs and an idea hit me.........  a red card for Canada........... and since we just got back from the Olympic Games, well, the rest was a piece of cake.  But of course the red maple leafs were too big for the card.......What is it they say about the "best laid plans"

I also got to welcome my Cuttlebug home after loaning it to a friend to make some invitations.  Isn't it amazing that when something leaves your home, you can think of a thousand things you could do with it?  So here are my "interpretations" of Sketch #127.

Make some time to Stamp up a Storm, Ink up a Wish and send it on to someone to brighten their day.

Rubber hugs, Inky wishes, Cricut chirps and Cuttlebug squishes,
aka:  maddie6833

Monday, February 15, 2010

Mojo Monday Sketch 126

Had a few spare moments this afternoon before heading to Vancouver.

Dogs are at sitters,
bags packed, house cleaned, etc. etc.  I've gotten REALLY brave and incorporated some colour out of my usual monochromatic scheme.   My scans turn out so washed out and look very over-exposed...........  ugh!

The card is really cute IRL!  honest!

Take some time for yourself to "Stamp up a storm, ink up a wish and send it on to brighten someone's day.

Rubber hugs, Inky wishes, Cricut chirps and Cuttlebug Squishes,

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy day!  Happy day!  Monday, dh and I are off to enjoy some of the games at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.  What games you ask??  Well Curling..............and my all-time-fave Team Martin (oh, be still my heart!!)  from Alberta representing Canada!!  dh will take in some hockey and speed skating .  We'll be staying at our daughter's (the reason for the second "Happy day"), because that is where the gd's are ......  Certainly had no interest in the noise, crowds, hustle and bustle - but when opportunity knocks.................. well, open the door, of course!  Pups are off to our son's place to be baby-sat as we don't feel like paying for their wonder who is going to have absence anxiety...........(me!!)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Mojo Monday Sketch 125

Mojo Monday Sketch Challenge 125 - here it is!  Can't believe I've created two (2) cards in less than 12 hours.............  This one is plain and simple - but it wouldn't be my card if I didn't use those Color Box Stylus's.  Ok, so this looks absolutely stark watercolouring is not showing up!!  .....I'm rushing off to meet a friend for lunch - so until it can doctor  - here it is!

I may as well have started from scratch on this card...........  I did manage to save the bear and the sentiment..............  but all the rest went in the "g" file.  I'm happier with the results.  Totally by coincidence it ended up with almost the same color scheme as the sketch -- my inspiration was black and white.

Take time to Stamp up a Storm, Ink up a Wish and send it off to someone to brighten their day!

Rubber hugs, Inky wishes, Cricut chirps and Cuttlebug squishes,
I don't normally post cards that I haven't made for the mojo monday sketch challenge, however this card is going in the mail tomorrow for a gal who needs a big warm hug.  A gal whom I've never met, but has been an inspiration to thousands of cardmakers.

Seven years ago when I first joined an on-line card making group, I received a welcoming card from her - and it filled me with such warmth that a total stranger would take time to send me a card of welcome.  I still have that card and will always cherish it.

No names are going to be mentioned here, and if I could send an angel or two I would.

Take time to Stamp up a Storm , Ink up a Wish and send it off to someone to brighten their day.

Rubber hugs, Inky Wishes, Cricut Chirps and Cuttlebug Squishes,

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mojo Monday Sketch 124

Here it is another Mojo Monday contest week.  So many stamps to choose many colors..............and my mind goes blank.  

I chose a stamp from Local King Rubber Stamps here in BC. It is called Elegant Ladies.

Rather a plain-jane looking card - which could be spruced up with an embossed background - however my cuttlebug has been loaned to a friend for a couple of days.

Hope you enjoy my creation.

Remember,  take time to Stamp up a Storm and Ink up a Wish!

Until next time.   Rubber hugs, inky wishes, Cricut Chirps and Cuttlebug Squishes,